Monday, May 16, 2011

Crickets, Ears and other Edibles

After a long run in the heat, I'm in the mood to sit in front of the fan and not do much of anything. I've decided to be slightly productive and amuse myself by recapping a few of the Cambodian foods I've tried, so here goes...

Raw oysters- Not enjoyable, but not bad either. They tasted like slimy, sandy things dipped in chili sauce.
  Pig ear- Sliced up and put in my sandwich. I wasn't much of a fan. It was quite chewy and not so tasty.



Cricket- This sweet lady was so happy I was trying her food and I'm glad I did. The fried cricket was actually really good. It was seasoned and was a nice, crunchy snack.

Squid- With tentacles. One of my favorites actually. Once you get used to the texture, it's really good in stir fry. 

Yummy food with good friends :)
  A few things I've turned down:
 Partly developed chicken
Pigs blood

Unagi- Eel sushi. I've tried, but sushi still isn't my thing.

Enjoying rice, steamed fish and goat meat at a wedding.
 So, you may be entertained or grossed out- either way, the moral of the story is don't be afraid to try new things, you might be surprised.

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