Sunday, May 20, 2012

Next Adventure: The Middle East

Sorry, I lied. I won't be trading my flip flops for a burka any time soon... but now that I have your attention, I need your help. 

I'm going back home for five days for my Grandpa's memorial service. I can fit all my clothes in a carry on which leaves me one free checked back for the way back to Mexico... I would love to fill it with shoes. 

Greg and Natalie are a wonderful missionary couple who live here on the Isla. They share a whole lot of love with the people who live here, in addition to nice comfy shoes for kids who might not get them otherwise. Check out their blog at

So here's where you come in.... help me fill up my extra suitcase. 

What: They need children's shoes from baby sizes up until size 11. Any new tennis shoes, flip flops or sandals would be worn and greatly appreciated =]

Where: I know many of you who are reading this are either related to me, a good friend, or went to high school with me. SO you know where I live. I'll be putting a box outside my house where you can drop the shoes off. I will also be in the Rochester and Binghampton area, so if you live there, send me an inbox and I'll tell you where to drop them off. Also, spread the word at work, church or among your friends. I know it's late notice but it only takes a second to pick up a cute pair of shoes at Target or Wal- Mart!

When: From May 25th- May 28th

Why: Why should you care enough to buy a pair of shoes for a kid you don't even know? Well, I think because if you are reading this  you have a lot to give, whether you are rich or not. My idea is not give cause you are wealthier than most but somehow to make a sacrifice.  Give something up, something that you are gonna feel. Instead of going out to the movies on the weekend, stay home and rent one. Instead of going out to dinner, make it at home. Instead of buying another piece of clothing you don't need, don't.  Instead of going to Starbucks, use your coffee pot. Sacrifice something.  Mother Teresa asks,

     "Have you ever experienced the joy of giving? I do not want you to give from your abundance... I want you to give of yourself. The love you put into the giving is the most important thing."


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