Friday, March 4, 2011

Letters from Home

Today started out like any other Saturday morning. I started cleaning up our room and making breakfast. The electricity went out and the gas stove wouldn't light. Eventually we got it lit and I was able to make my very first batch of french toast here. After breakfast, we were told we had mail at the office. I screamed and made a mad dash for my sandals as my roomate Camille did the same. We RAN full speed down the stairs like two kids on Christmas morning. After getting our letters, we ran back up the stairs to our room.  I just might have done a little happy dance when we arrived back in our room and the door was closed :) Because there they were, in my hands, two beautiful looking letters, no doubt full of news from home and everything familiar to me.
It seems I would have wanted to tear them open right away, but I just sat there on our couch, staring at them. I felt that by opening them too quickly, I might someone spoil the memory of getting my first mail in Cambodia.
After soaking up every second of anticipation, I finally opened my letters and was taken back home for the moments I spent reading them. I read about the snow that's plaguing everyone's driveways, Valentines' Day parties, growing babies, and that my friend recently purchased new guitar strings. The information included in the letters might not be pivotal for most; but to me it was, because it reminded me although I'm far away, I'm still connected, and not yet forgotten.

Camille was also excited to hear from home :)

The fact that my friends took time out of their busy lives to write a letter (which I might add in this day and age is quite a lost art...) to me on the other side of the world, really made my day.

So many of you are probably questioning my sanity at this point over the fact that I am so excited over receiving letters... but I'm documenting my rapturous joy for a reason.

You have the chance every day to encourage someone in your life. Maybe that means taking a friend out for coffee, sending someone a card instead of a text message, or taking the time to catch up with an old friend. It might seem like something really trivial, but to that person, it could mean the world....                                                       Just a thought :)

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  1. Sarah! It looks like you are having an absolutely amazing time :) I miss you so much, and your post made me think of how much I miss snail mail! Can I have your address to write to you?