Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ream National Park

Today was Women's Day so we got a day off from work. We celebrated by going on a tour of Ream National Park. It was an amazing day spent with friends and I got to experience more of Cambodia. 

I started off the day's adventure by using the squatty potty. Gym's aren't necessary here, one stop at the toilet is all you need to build your leg muscles.

The boat that would take us along the river

Enjoying the Breeze
The homes were built before the land became a national park so the families are able to remain on the land. Most of the people work on the river catching fish, shrimp or clams.

Pulling up to a boat to buy some oysters for lunch

This is the guy in charge of diving for the oysters

Cutting and Cleaning

Our tasty lunch: fresh bbq fish, cabbage salad and bread

I can now say I've eaten raw oysters... and that they aren't my favorite...

There were a ton of jelly fish in the water. It's hard to tell  in the photo,but they were amazing shades of blue and green.

All in a Day's Rest

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  1. I just want to say that the last picture of you is SOOO CUTE! Miss you... glad you had a relaxing day off! <3 (only 8 days til i leave... let's chat before then :D )