Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something Beautiful

A few weekends back some friends and I went to the nearby town of Keb. As I was biking along the ocean with lots of road in front of me, I had some time to think. 

 I am BLESSED. As I was biking along the road laced in shadows  from the sinking sun, I thought about how fortunate I am.  Just the opportunity that I have each day to wake up and see all of the beauty that’s in my life. My life is so simple here, but it is so RICH. I own two pieces of bamboo furniture and I could fit the rest of my belongings into a suitcase, but I feel like I have been able to experience so much of life here.

 Cambodia is abundant in natural beauty, if you look. It has amazing beaches, beautiful mountains, green fields and bright, exotic flowers. It is a place that is so diverse, so  rich, that it really causes one to stop in awe.

 I love being able to explore more of the world and never in my life would have imagined Cambodia to be this breathtaking.

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