Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Soooo I’m sick. I hate telling people that because it makes me feel like a weakling, but today I stayed home from school with good advice from my roommate and from the doctor that lives across the hall. Apparently my lungs sound “crackly” and I’ve had fevers, a cough and body aches on and off for a bit now.

This morning when I was lying in bed, trying to muster up the strength to go to work, my roommate told me something that really made sense. She said, “Sometimes being sick is trusting in God.” I replied quickly that very well may be, but if I don’t go to work, what’s going to happen to my students? I can’t just call the sub service in Cambodia, so one of the teachers would have to take my classes in addition to their own.

Well, in the end physical exhaustion and good sense won out and I stayed in bed. I’ve wasted the majority of the morning here and was just looking over the cards my students made for yesterday… and again, I was reminded to trust.

The majority of my students come from Buddhist backgrounds so it's quite ironic that they are the ones that are reminding me that "God heals" and "God is strong."

After surviving cancer, you better believe I know that God is strong and most certainly heals… but I sometimes overlook that when it comes to minor illnesses. It took reminders from my second graders to help me remember that God is in control, and he cares about the little things too. It doesn’t matter that I can’t hop in my car and go get a check up and some antibiotics at a doctor office- he has provided everything I need, even here.

Awhile back, a friend sent an antibiotic that I had on hand, I have a Korean Doctor living right across from me, and I even have chicken noodle soup and Gatorade that my sister sent in her last package. Coincidence that my sister randomly sent me chicken noodle soup? I think not.  I’m convinced of it, God provides, now the trusting- that's up to us. 


  1. Sarah,
    What a beautiful post. What a good reminder to all of us to trust God in the little things. I just love the students writings and drawings. They are really special. I hope that you are feeling better and back to school with all your students. I can just imagine how you don't like to miss a day. I am finished for the year. I did work all last week and Monday, but I figured I would not get any calls the rest of the week since it is the last week of school. I am applying to Norwich, there is a 2nd grade open. There is also a 5th and a half time preschool open. That is about all in this whole area. There will be many applicants I is worth a try. I would just love to have my own is so much better than subbing here and there. So, we shall see where this leads. Well take care.
    Love and prayers,
    Aunt Brenda

  2. I hope you are feeling better!