Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bokor Mountain

This Fourth of July weekend wasn't my typical one at the lake with family, but it turned out pretty sweet. I got to hike Bokor Mountain with a few friends. We hiked a bit through the jungle and then got to explore the ghost town at the top. 

These guys kept freaking me out- we all know how much I like lizards. 

The Hotel- The buildings were built by the French, abandoned in the 40's and destroyed by time and the Khmer Rouge. 900 people died in the nine months it took to build the Hotel/Casino in such a remote location.

Weathering at its best

A broken view 

People have decorated the walls over time. Things like, "Turn around... I'm watching you" were  etched in the walls. Creepy.

The romantic part of me was imagining what this terrace looked like in its glory days. All  light up, with French people dancing waltzes in the crisp mountain air. 

Moss & Brick

An old church. We wanted to check it out buuut these guys decided they were going to  live there so we didn't want to be rude and traipse through their "home."

Good Friends

Up in the clouds. Ahhh.

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