Thursday, January 5, 2012

& here we go again...

I've promised I would continue to give updates via the old blog sooo here we are again...

Brief synopsis of what brought me to Mexico:
* I quit my job on a Friday, got an e-mail from the principal of an English school that very same day
*Got hired
* Two weeks later flew to my new home on La Isla Mujeres

So I woke up this morning ready to explore my new home. It's a very small island so I basically walked all the way down to the North end. In some parts, the island is so narrow that one can see the ocean on either side! Despite the fact it's so small, I was pretty sure I would still get lost but actually ended up finding my way just fine.
I started the day out right with a good breakfast and an even better view from my balcony... until the gale force winds started blowing the cheese of my eggs, then I had to eat inside.

On the way, I took in the beautiful sights of the ocean and practiced saying "Buenos dias" to just about everyone who passed. I decided that I really want to be a part of the community here and being friendly wasn't a bad way to start. It seems that most people here are friendly and laid back.... it is after all, a beautiful island.
I had to whip the camera out of the backpack for this view.

So my goals for this blog are to keep it simple and provide you with some info on my adventures. I'll be sharing the insights God teaches me along the way, and I pray we will both be learning a lot.



  1. Sarah, this is so exciting! God is doing amazing things in your life!

  2. So glad you will be blogging again! Good luck, be safe, have fun!!! Love you!