Monday, January 16, 2012

What Qualifies being Qualified?

My first week of classes went well... I think.

I have never taught adults before and didn't go to school specifically to teach English. I spent my undergraduate hours making lesson plans and learning how to teach children how to read. I feel comfortable doing these things, but teaching people an entire language is a daunting task.

I had a few moments, ok hours... of panic. I felt like I didn't know where to begin and I began to fear that if I didn't succeed as a teacher, my students wouldn't gain the knowledge they are so desperately seeking. That  would be heartbreaking, cause that's why I'm here...

It's a beautiful island and I know a lot of people think I'm here cause I'm sort of a gypsy and can't stay in one place too long... ahem...  while that may be true, the real reason I'm here is because I feel I have something to give. I care.

I may not have extensive training in teaching English as a second language, but I believe my students are going to learn. I plan on taking my heart to work every day. I plan on giving it my best and asking for wisdom. And most importantly, I plan on trusting God every step of the way.

With these "lesson plans" in place, I look forward to seeing my students succeed.
The awesome library- books in English and Spanish.
"Teacher's lounge"
Our Classroom

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